Lean Sigma

  • A business wishing to improve its profitability must undertake certain steps that may guarantee to supply the desired results. One thing that the management staff must give important notice may be the production and productivity of the business in general. As has been known, to improve the profitability of the enterprise, some things must be improved at work. To increase productivity is just one of these.

    Productivity is defined in economics as the measure of the production output per unit of production input. This refers back to the ratio of output and input within the production process.

    Production is the process of converting resources into finished goods for consumption. Technology is needed in the entire process of production. Actually, the advancement in technology has greatly helped in easing out production. Thus, you can definitely state that the facet of technology is very important in the whole equation.

    Apart from technology, addititionally there is another ingredient that is extremely hard to eliminate. This is actually the facet of labor. Human capital contributes a great deal in the improvement of productivity level. Actually, you may also state that the power in business is human capital. Other capital, for example monetary and technology, may have secondary roles, however these are still significant as well.

    To take advantage of human would be to increase productivity. This cannot be over emphasized whatsoever.

    To improve production, a factory should have the necessary quantity of work force to satisfy production target. To improve production, it would be important to augment the amount of workers. However, increasing the number of workers does not always lead to increased productivity.

    Seis Sigma

    With respect to the nature of the business, many companies choose to minimize the amount of workers in their factories. The rising labor costs in developed countries can eat much of the production costs bringing on decreased competitiveness within the prices of certain products. However, minimization at work may also lead to other disadvantages.

    Intensive training and consistent upgrading of educational levels and skills might help in increasing the productivity degree of workers. Humans have the capacity to improve and learn something totally new. Businesses have the responsibility to increase the abilities and degree of experience with their workers.

    Motivation to work can also lead to increased productivity. Incentives and improved working condition in the working place can bring about the raised productivity level.

    Whenever a worker is happy is his workplace, he's apt to be more productive.

    The advancement of technology helps a lot in providing leverage at work. With technological advancements, products that used to have a day to produce can then be processed and finished in just a few hours. The reduction in production hours can be related to the improvement of technology utilized in work.

    How you can increase productivity for individuals?

    Enhancement of skills and improved understanding of new technology are secrets of increase the productivity degree of individuals. The workforce must have consistent improvement. Advancement in good technology might help in achieving work leverage.